I've been asked to admin an old, jumbled install of qmail/vpopmail (many are local users, many are vpopmail users with .cdb). I'm having a brain cramp because the install has domains splattered all over the following files:


My exercise is to identify ONLY those domains that the server will actually accept delivery for from the Internet so that we can start pruning away the domains that seems to be lingering with no customers/accounts/purpose/etc. My intention/belief was that ONLY 'rcpthosts' and 'morerctphosts' govern which domains the server will accept delivery/relay for from the outside. Thus, I felt that if I built a master list from these two files, any other domains I might find are automatically "unused".

However this install has a number of domains that are aliases in the 'locals' file to a single local account and the domains only seem to appear in 'locals'.

Does 'locals' (or 'virtualdomains') in any way influence the relay decision to accept incoming mail? Or am I right that ONLY 'rcpthosts' and 'morercpthosts' define the permitted domains.

Sorry for the long explanation, validation/help is much appreciated!

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