Michael, let me ask a "true/false" question or two of you/the list based upon your response (which I REALLY appreciate!):

Q: ONLY the content of the 'rcpthosts' and 'morercpthosts' (and any special cases in tcp.smtp) defines which domains' incoming mail will be accepted by SMTPd. True or False?

Q: Domains that appear in 'locals' or 'virtualdomains' (for presumed delivery on the local box) but DO NOT appear in rcpthosts/morercpthosts/tcp.smtp (and have no smtphosts controls) CANNOT receive mail directly under normal circumstances. True or False?

In summary, domains that appear in local/virtualdomains but do not appear in rcpthosts/etc have a VERY high probability of being misconfigured - with a likely root cause of improper/incomplete deletion of a domain from the system. True or False? (speculative answer, I understand)


Michael Krieger wrote:
Domains that the server should deliver as local rather than sending off to other people. When you send mail to your own domain, it knows to not deliver it to the MX of that domain by its presence in the locals file

rcpthosts / morercpthosts:
Domains that the SMTP daemon should receive mail for (allow) without the presence of RELAYCLIENT as set in tcp.smtp or by SMTP authentication. Domains in here will always be accepted, and domains not in here will be rejected unless relaying is allowed. morercpthosts is just a continuation, with your most popular domains to be in rcpthosts, just for speed of lookup. In modern fast systems, it doesn't matter.

A list of the prepended strings by domains, allowing the system to prepend an identifier based on the domain in question. This converts [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for later processing.

A list of domains and their artificial MX server to send mail to. Domains in here should also be in rcpthosts, but not treated as local. Use this if you are delivering mail to another MX for select domains, or if you have a smarthost.

For domains that your mail server will accept mail from the Internet, see `cat rcpthosts morercpthosts`.


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I've been asked to admin an old, jumbled install of qmail/vpopmail (many
are local users, many are vpopmail users with .cdb).  I'm having a brain
cramp because the install has domains splattered all over the following


My exercise is to identify ONLY those domains that the server will
actually accept delivery for from the Internet so that we can start
pruning away the domains that seems to be lingering with no

My intention/belief was that ONLY 'rcpthosts' and 'morerctphosts' govern
which domains the server will accept delivery/relay for from the
outside.  Thus, I felt that if I built a master list from these two
files, any other domains I might find are automatically "unused".

However this install has a number of domains that are aliases in the
'locals' file to a single local account and the domains only seem to
appear in 'locals'.

Does 'locals' (or 'virtualdomains') in any way influence the relay
decision to accept incoming mail?  Or am I right that ONLY 'rcpthosts'
and 'morercpthosts' define the permitted domains.

Sorry for the long explanation, validation/help is much appreciated!

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