I know about it, but it is incoming mails, if the user "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" send an email for the internet, the receiver [EMAIL PROTECTED] see the origin via anyexample.net, not example.net



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On Jan 24, 2007, at 10:32 AM, Juliano Souza - Tecnologia wrote:
I have 300 users at the domain "anyexample.net", we register a new domain called "example.net".
But the users authenticate via imap using "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".

I want to change/rename all the users to the new domain "example.net" , so the user are now "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", and authenticate using this account.

How I can change "transparently" the method of auth and internal delivery (qmail/vpopmail) ?

vaddaliasdomain anyexample.net example.net

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