On Saturday 27 January 2007 16:30, Miki wrote:
> Hello,
> I want ask you if there is any method or idea how can be multilog
> output redirected to write into database, I was thinking about
> pipelining "thru" some script, but there are many lines different, and on
> high rate it can slow down server a lot, second is some "postprocessing" of
> log files and put result into db, for example some perl periodically
> scanning thru current file.
> specially for parsing simscan to have some stat in db.
> does anyone idea how to do it or know if its there such thing ?
> I was googling but cannot find working combination of words in
> question ;)

not sure if this is what you want, but you might try

It won't 'just work' though, first you need to get the script 
app/cron/parse_clamav.pl set up and running, it will create the tables in a 
mysql database which has already been created with the right permissions.

To run the php you need to have jpgraph installed, see
You will also want the msttcorefonts

You will also need to create a config.php, there is an example in app/src.

Access it through the index.php in the 'html' directory, so set that up in a 
virtual host container or Apache alias or with a symlink. All the other dirs 
should be outside the Apache document root.

You can point it to more than one database on different servers.

It uses Smarty templates and css so play with them to change looks and layout.

It uses adodb to handle the queries so it *might* work with another type of 
database, I haven't tried. The cron script would have to be rewritten, 
probably in php.

The directories under app/data must have either global or webserver write 
permissions so that the Smarty engine can operate.

I don't know if it will work with php 5...

Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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