If you haven't yet bought hardware for the NFS, NetApp makes this a snap
with SnapMirror. I don't remember all of the ins and outs, but its
perfect for situations like this, its very bandwidth efficient, and its
got the same bullet-proof reliability their products are known for.

Otherwise I'd think your SAN vendor should have some form of block level
replication available.
Hope that helps,

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Good afternoon/evening/morning,

We have been tasked with splitting our mail services between our two 
NOCs. We have ordered a 1GB fiber connection between both locations.

We will be moving one of two mailgateways, two of four pop toasters, and

one of two smtp servers to the second NOC. Both border routers will be 
BGP advertising the same IP range and each location will have hardware 
load balancing. I can easily setup replication for my MySQL backend, but

my NFS mail store is another concern.

Is anyone else working with this type of configuration? I've not yet 
looked into NFS clustering or what may be involved. (I will have a iSCSI

based SAN available which will have nodes/modules in both geographical 
locations, which may help).

Any advice on what methods/tools work well is appreciated.


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