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I have a server with qmail running some 600 email accounts over some 30 domains. I recently installed simscan, Spamassassin and ClamAv. It all works really well, but during peak hours (say 300 to 500k per sec inbound traffic) Thee server starts to bog down and progressively gets slower and slower until 120 connections are maxed out and the server starts rejecting smtp connections first and then pop connections. This is a new AMD 64 bit with 1Gig Ram running on Debian and running also Apache with php, mysql, and Horde webmail (with very very few hits per day). If I turn off simscan, situation returns to normal after a while. I have tried finding some documentation about how many users and traffic qmail with simscan, SA and Clam may handle, but it seems there is nothing out there other than very general stuff like "many users", "thousands of users"....

Perhaps the problem is in my setup and some configuration for simscan, SA or clam that I have set/not set incorrectly, ot I have not realized this number of users and trafffic is just too much for one server. Any suggestions or links to appropriate docs will be most appreciated.


Max Esquivel

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