On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 19:14 -0600, Max Esquivel wrote:
> I have also posted this to vchkpw list:
> I have a server with qmail running some 600 email accounts over some  
> 30 domains.  I recently installed simscan, Spamassassin and ClamAv.   
> It all works really well, but during peak hours (say 300 to 500k per  
> sec inbound traffic) Thee server starts to bog down and progressively  
> gets slower and slower until 120 connections are maxed out and the  
> server starts rejecting smtp connections first and then pop  
> connections.  This is a new AMD 64 bit with 1Gig Ram running on  
> Debian and running also Apache with php, mysql, and Horde webmail  
> (with very very few hits per day).  If I turn off simscan, situation  
> returns to normal after a while.  I have tried finding some  
> documentation about how many users and traffic qmail with simscan, SA  
> and Clam may handle, but it seems there is nothing out there other  
> than very general stuff like "many users", "thousands of users"....
> Perhaps the problem is in my setup and some configuration for  
> simscan, SA or clam that I have set/not set incorrectly, ot I have  
> not realized this number of users and trafffic is just too much for  
> one server. Any suggestions or links to appropriate docs will be most  
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Max Esquivel

I was having a similar issue. For my environment it was being caused by
large attachments. I ended up only using simscan to call clamav and set
some basic attachment blocking policy.

I call SpamAssassin through procmail, but only on messages smaller than
250k to avoid scanning large media attachments. I also get user_prefs
working this way. I still haven't figured out hot to get user prefs to
work on aliases though. :(


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