Hi All,

Much thanks for all the helpful replies.

I have reverted back to courier-imap v3.0.8, and all is now working as expected - open-smtp is being updated properly by both imap and pop3.

Again thanks for quick replies and for pointing me in the right direction to resolve this!!

Best regards to all. Otto.

Rick Widmer wrote:

Otto Rodusek (AP-SGP) wrote:
Hi Micheal,

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I did use the "--with-authvchkpw --without-authdaemon" but it made no difference.

If I understand your email correctly, since I'm using courier-imap 4.1.2 it is impossible for imap authentication to update the open-smtp file??

I believe that is correct. Courier no longer provides the IP address needed to authenticate roaming users.

Hence it is IMPOSSIBLE for any roaming users to send mail?? So what's the solution (if any) - is it possible that ALL users who use courier-imap 4++ are unable to send email and this is acceptable to them??

SMTP Auth. Have the roaming users login to smtp by adding a user name and password to the outgoing mail server configuration of their browser, and enable that function. (The same one they use to receive mail)

Since you are using Bill Shupp's toaster, it should already be installed on your server.

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