hi all..

i was wondering if i can use the qmail-scanner (with qmailqueue from
SPAMCONTROL) for tagging  mail using spamd on smtp level and then on
delivery - using vpopmail - scanning the messages that weren't tagged
using individual vpopmail users preference files..

i guess the biggest problem is that the qmail-scanner wants spamd to run
as qscand and on delivery it would have to be under vpopmail. maybe i can
make it run under vpopmail?!

the other thing i'm trying to figure out is that currently the way
vpopmail is set up to call spamd is through a .mailfilter file for each
user. that's ok but when using qmailadmin to generate vacation
files/directory it's just looping because of the .qmail file in the
virtual user directory. is there a better way to call spamd from within
vpopmail so that the .qmail files in each users directory are respected...

any input on these issues will be seriously appreciated...


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