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Usually, in qmail, with a single domain, you would
have in locals, your domain and FQDN for which you
accept/deliver email, but when you decide to have many
domains and only use virtual domains in vpopmail, the
locals is empty.

If your main domain = mydomain.com
your mail server FQDN = alpha.mydomain.com

How do you make sure that bounces to
alpha.mydomain.com gets delievered to mydomain.com ?

I'm seeing a few rejections to bounces in my log as
alpha.mydomain.com isn't recognized.

Sorry, I didn't use qmail and multiple domains before
but jumped straight to vpopmailso don't know how that
part works.


Make alpha.mydomain.com a domain alias to mydomain.com ?

See ~vpopmail/bin/vaddaliasdomain



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