> kalin mintchev wrote:
>>> I was wondering whether it is plain (a) stupidity, (b) ignorance, (c)
>>> arrogance, or any combination of these, that made you mail _three_
>>> mailing lists with the same question, none of them being the
>>> qmail-scanner mailing list.
>>> Don't do that again. Ever.
>> or what? you'll sue me, dumbass?! did i insult you intelligence?!
> Don't flatter yourself.

i don;t - you did...   and stop giving orders. doesn;t work with me.

>> it's just pms?!

>> now...  ask me again...  politely.
> Okay.
> Dear Mr. Mintchev,
> Will you be so kind as to enlighten me as to which of these personality
> disorders apply to you?
> (a) Stupidity
> (b) Ignorance
> (c) Arrogance
> (d) All of the above

ok. since you asked politely - here is my answer: b. if i wasn't ignorant
on the issues i was asking about i wouldn;t post on all of 3 lists
together. since my question doesn;t really apply directly to the
qmail-scanner list - like you suggest (d) - i posted on the tree lists
that kinda relates to. politely. and respectfully. because all of those
softwares are working together and interact directly i was hoping to get
some advice on the issue from people on any of the 3 lists that had to
deal with the same or similar combination/issue before. if you don't like
it - don't reply. but don't give me orders (c) or insulting me with your
retarded comments (d) on what made me post on all the 3 lists which i've
been using before with relative success. nobody else did. even if you
wrote all of those 3 things together in a day you are still not qualified
to give me any orders....

> #EOF (end of flame)



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