Justin Heesemann wrote:
My domains are located somewhere else then ~vpopmail/domains/somedomain.com
(each system user has his own domains/ directory in his homedir).

Since vpopmaild doesn't allow a server admin to use the read_file/list_dir/write_file ... functions for those domains, I wrote a small patch.

Ok. Can you please upload your patch to the SourceForge tracker so it doesn't get lost.


Imho a serveradmin account should be able to access ALL domains handled by vpopmail, so I think this patch should get included in the next release.

Patch is for vpopmail-5.4.18

I can't tell from just looking at the patch how you are setting valid_domain_path. As long is you are only exposing mail domain directories with the patch, it should be included in the next release. It would be helpful if you included a little blurb on how your patch decides which directories it allows access to when you upload it.



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