You gotta be carefull with this kind of migration.. Just as the mysql
instalation, the Ldap instalation stores
the maildir paths within the database. Since you are hosting multiple
domains you should recreate
all maildirs using vadddom and then copy the contents from the previous
folder 'cause you'll never
know where vpopmail will decide to store the messages of each domain.
Earlier versions of vpopmail
divide the mail storage folder of each domain within numeric subfolders on
the domains root folder.
    Another way is populate the ldap database manualy keeping your old
folder structure but depending
on how many domains and users you have this could be a very exausting task
unless you create a script
to do it.
    I'd choose to recreate all maildirs and then overwrite the content,
letting the vadddom populate the ldap
    Whatever you choose to do, remember: BACKUP

Regards and good luck,

Thiago Bujnowski
System Administrator
Ticonnect Solutions
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 2:02 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] Standard vpopmail to LDAP migration

I would like to change my current vpopmail to use LDAP. I currently have
multiple hosted domains running. I installed vpopmail from source and I am
wondering if I just recompile with LDAP will it utilize the maildirs already
in place for the users or will I need to readd the user accounts with new
maildirs? I guess testing on a non production system would be the best way
but I was just hoping someone out there has done this before and could let
me know any gotchas with this procedure that they ran into.



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