DAve wrote:
Good morning,

Seems I am posting all over the internet these last two weeks, but I can't seem to grab my butt lately. I got FreeBSD running on the Sunfires, netqmail installed, Simscan install, ClamAV installed, everything is working fine. Last step, smtp-auth, why did I try? I should have let today end on a good note.

If you use FreeBSD, you should use Matt Simersons FreeBSD Qmail Toaster:

Mysql 4.0, also tried 4.1.

I think both are now EOL in that no timely security-fixes are provided any longer.
You have to use 5.x - though 4.x should still work, of course.

No errors when building, seems to work,
bash-2.05b# /home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Error. Domain pixelhammer.com was not found in the assign file

That should not happen.
What happens when you add a domain?
Does it get added to the assign file?

The one thing that is different, is I have an empty assign file. This server is used for smtp-auth *outbound* only service. So, just for fun I added the test domain to the assign file, still fails.

Did you build the cdb?

The sql-error is also not good, though I can't say what it is caused by ATM.

If you can, use Matt's toaster.


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