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Charlie Garrison wrote:
Should it be possible to build vqAdmin on OS X? I can't get past the
./configure step; I get errors like the following:

It might be the config.guess and config.sub files.

If vpopmail configures you can copy those files from
the vpopmail source into the vqadmin source. We
had the same issue with 64bit machines.

We have a new release of vqadmin for next week that
has those files updated plus a "Post message" feature.

OK, vpopmail has now configured/compiled/installed without problems. And if you want me to test vqAdmin with the config.guess and config.sub files from vpopmail then I'm happy to do that. But I found the following configure command worked for me (before I saw your reply). I found a recommendation to try powerpc-apple-bsd instead of powerpc-apple-darwin after extensive googling.

./configure --build=powerpc-apple-bsd \
    --enable-cgibindir=/Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables \

I have vqAdmin installed and working fine now.

If you need someone to test/compile future versions of vpopmail/qmailadmin/vqadmin on an OS X box, please let me know. I will be happy to help.


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