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I advocate giving separate email addresses to everyone possible. Meaning if you're signing up for an account with a new site called BigFancySite.tld, i'd give them the email address [EMAIL PROTECTED] Then I'd create a forward called bigfancysite.tld and send it to my main mailbox. This is useful because it's an instant way to see who's given out your email address as well as being able to turn off the address with ease.

Due to slight demand from customers I've told this to, I have created an email way to create and delete vpopmail forwards.

chmod ugo+x
echo "|/usr/local/script/" > ~vpopmail/domains/

it requires Mail::vpopmail, so you might have to set that up too:
tar -zxf Mail-vpopmail-0.54.tgz
cd Mail-vpopmail-0.54
perl Makefile.PL ; make ; make install

you can then email [EMAIL PROTECTED] with a subject like

which will forward "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" to the "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" mailbox.

be sure to put your domain and secret crypt in the %secrets section of


Jeremy Kister

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