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I advocate giving separate email addresses to everyone possible. Meaning if you're signing up for an account with a new site called BigFancySite.tld, i'd give them the email address [EMAIL PROTECTED] Then I'd create a forward called bigfancysite.tld and send it to my main mailbox. This is useful because it's an instant way to see who's given out your email address as well as being able to turn off the address with ease.

I've just advised users to use extended addresses.

As in email [EMAIL PROTECTED] and have it automatically go into [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Of course, a person could probably figure out your "real" email address, but in most cases you're looking at automated systems. I guess that spambots might get smart and try dropping the -whatever and +whatever extensions on some email addresses at some point...

Either way, your script looks like a cool way to add a forward. Should I add it to vpopmai's contrib directory? Do you want to wait a few weeks for feedback, make updates, and then have it added?

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