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I suggest also to introduce a new notation for rejecting users/ aliases with a custom message (i.e.: reject "user has changed address. Write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]"). This would be a lot more useful than barely put a generic "bounce" string.

Until that's a part of chkuser, Stephane (and others) can use qmail's "bouncesaying" program in their .qmail-alias files.

# cat .qmail-someaddress
|/var/qmail/bin/bouncesaying 'user has changed address. Write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]'

Please be aware that vdelivermail should ONLY be in a domain's .qmail- default file. Putting it into a .qmail-alias file or a user's .qmail file can introduce a mail loop (which vdelivermail should detect and stop looping) and probably won't accomplish what you want it to.

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