Stoyan, thanks for the info, however that didn't work either. Maybe if I
give a bit more info, all I'm doing is a simple php page

I then run a check to make sure the username is there in both the vpopmail
and egroupware, then I check the current password, since vpopmail had it
in clear text also, if it checks out I then need to update the db to the
new passwords, this works well only problem is then I get errors that the
authdaemond: supplied password 'somepassword' does not match encrypted
password '$1$UPRJCLMh$ORbRQDIoGJ/g18WgT4/4O.'

I even tried it as crypt()
all i'm doing on the sql side is this
$pw_crypt = crypt($new)
$sql_vpop = $dbv->query("UPDATE `vpopmail` SET `pw_clear_passwd` = '$new',
`pw_passwd` = ('$pw_crypt') WHERE `pw_name` = '$username';");

This updates just fine but the auth then fails with the above error...
Hopefully this will give a little more info on how I can get this to work.



Stoyan Marinov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

Try using crypt() in php.
>On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 11:25 -0700, Joseph Oaks wrote:
>> Hello all, I'm trying to write a small app for the people in the office
>> be able to change their passwords without buggin me. I have a simple
>> PHP already done. It will change the password for both the eGroupWare
>> vpopmail, however the vpopmail doesn't seem to like the md5
>> My first thought on this was just modify the db directly, with an
>> this works however it breaks the auth for mail, the egroupware side
>> fine. So I got to checking and found the vchangepw in the vpopmail/bin
>> My question is how can I call this via a script and pass the email
>> current password, and new password to it via variables?
>> Joe

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