Nick Bright wrote:
I read in the Inter7 Spring 07 newsletter about "Windows Grey Listing" and a tasty RBL update. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about it, but I would like to try these technologies on my mail server, but I wasn't able to find any downloads for the packages on the Inter7 website.

Any idea when they will be available? is the page I found these references on.

Hi Nick,

We have not had time to package up the patches to qmail and simscan.

Basically we moved the simscan p0f code into qmail-smtpd during
the data command and check windows connections for non authenticated
smtp connections. Then greylist windows with a 58 second wait time.
Also we wrote a mysql or file based greylisting scheme to keep track
of the windows ips/rcpt/from information.

Hopefully we can get all this code out the door soon as patches to qmail
and a new release of simscan.

Hope that helps
Ken Jones

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