Hello there, some news for all here...
I work with a friend of mine to combined certain patch's to use
some features, the big problem's with patch's is the fight of one and
other to work in the same team.

Some features are describe:

TAP SYSTEM of INTER7 work with John Simpson combined patch's 6c5: (this
is full functional)

I use and work fine with qmail-1.03-jms1.6c5.patch if anyone need just
tell me.


TAP SYSTEM of INTER7 work with John Simpson combined patch's 6cd :
( this need testing )

I have to test but not big trouble if anyone need.


And i have use other path that combined john Simpson + INTER7 TAP +
DATALIMIT per user basis described here
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/qmail/users/132709 if anyone need,
i will test this week. ( this need test )


I have put my vpopmail to work direct with maildrop using a patch of
Jerome MOLLIER-PIERRET describe here
the code get some reject's and now work without error with
vpopmail-5.4.17, if anyone need it just tell me. ( this need test )

I will create a url for everyone want's to download and use these

Greeting's for all you guys!

PS: sorry about my poor english


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