I have a mail server configured using the onchange feature (using
instructions from jms1.net). It has worked very well since installation, but
sometime in the past 3 days, it stopped functioning. I am looking for the
best way to diagnose and correct the problem.


~vpopmail/etc/onchange is executable by all users, and contains the
following commands:



logger -t onchange "$*"

echo onchange $* > /tmp/update-qmail


When I make a change in vpopmail, nothing is logged, and /tmp/update-qmail
is not changed.


How can I troubleshoot vpopmail to make sure it is working correctly.


Today I upgraded to 5.4.18 from 5.4.17 making sure to include
-enable-onchange-script. (checked config.log to be sure as well). I am still
not getting It to run the onchange script.


Thanks for your help!

-Ron Miller

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