Hy Alessio,

    My Vpopmail is the version 5.3.14. I´ll upgrade it.
    I´m using POP3. The patch which i applied is the same of the source 

Luis Eduardo
SP - BRazil

Alessio Cecchi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu: On Monday 07 May 2007 19:18:20 
Luis Clemente wrote:
>     I have a Webmail with vpopmail and virtual domains. My problem is when
> i use a email client, like Outlook Express, in some cases, the messages are
> downloaded but the maildirsize file is not updated.

Hav you the last version of vpopmail? And your qmail have the patch for 
maildir++ like this : 

You use IMAP4 or POP3?
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