I thought I would drop a note to the list to say farewell.

Many years ago I used to own an ISP that used vpopmail+MySQL for all our email hosting.

I wrote a mailserver guide which became quite popular. ( It is currently hosted at http://www.bowe.id.au/michael/isp/webmail-server.htm )

As I found vpopmail bugs or limitations I submitted patches to the developers. When vpopmail moved to sourceforge, I was given full developer access. I then spent a fair bit of time trying to improve the included documentation. I cleaned up and documented a lot of the source code. I also remember having fun cleaning up the configure script.

Tom Collins even popped in one day to say hello when he was on holidays in my neck of the woods (Australia). Was great to meet him in person.

My vpopmail contributions have dropped away in recent years, because my ISP was bought by a larger company and I went on to work for them. They used Postfix not vpopmail.

I still tinkered with vpopmail a bit, because I had built many small vpopmail servers for customers along the way

Now I am about to switch jobs and work for a new ISP, and they also use Postfix. So guess this new job will cut my final ties to vpopmail.

There's no doubt in my mind that Postfix kicks some serious qmail butt. However even as a Postfix fan, I am the first to admit that vpopmail is a great set of tools for vmail style hosting. Its a shame that qmail never progressed past v1.03. Back in those days we didnt even have spam or virus problems, let alone need to worry about SMTP-AUTH, TLS etc.

I'll be unsubscribing from this list a few days time. I wanted to say thanks to all the developers who have contributed to vpopmail along the way. And also a big thankyou to people who used by mailserver guide and sent me feedback over the years.


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