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> On May 14, 2007, at 9:58 PM, Michael Bowe wrote:
> > Tom Collins even popped in one day to say hello when he was on
> > holidays in my neck of the woods (Australia). Was great to meet him
> > in person.
> And it was great to meet Michael as well.  Those of you who weren't
> using vpopmail before 2003 probably don't realize how many
> improvements were made "back in the 5.3 days".  Michael helped out
> considerably with documentation and making code changes to prevent
> buffer overflows.  Take a look a the ChangeLog entries from 5.3.20 to
> 5.4.0 to get an idea of how much Michael helped me in improving
> vpopmail.

LOL, I still remember back in the v3 and v4 days.  :)  It's incredible
the changes that have been made since the late 90's when I started using
qmail and vpopmail.  Almost a decade later and I'm still using it...I've
been hearing more and more admins moving to Postfix...what benefits does
it offer over qmail?  I'm not looking to start a flame-war.  I'm just
asking for information.  And apparently there are no tools like vpopmail
for Postfix...so would it make sense to fork the vpopmail project to
Postfix?  Or is that not a possibility?

> Thanks for your help Michael, and if you find a suitable replacement
> for vpopmail that works with postfix, let us know about it!

As I said, not looking for a flame war.  I've been using qmail for most
almost a decade now and it's always worked well, but I'm finding more
and more systems like dSPAM integrate easily into things like Postfix,
but with qmail I had to do a lot of work integrating it properly (which
I've done without the use of simscan...and works quite nicely)


Tren Blackburn

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