If you are using vpopmail CVS please do a new checkout from HEAD before you do anything else.

As of now 5.5 is gone. HEAD points to the very latest 5.4.19, and I will be starting 5.4.20 with a bug I just found while verifying that I have all the files in HEAD.

If you must write patches to the stable-5_4 branch, let me know and I will merge them to head. Even better, post to HEAD, or send me the patch.


Rick Widmer wrote:
I am in the process of moving head to a new 'V5.5.1-obsolete' branch, which will be ignored in the future; moving the existing stable_5_4 branch to head, and ending work in stable_5_4. All future development of vpopmail will be in the HEAD branch. This should be helpful to those who have been getting the wrong version when checking out from CVS.

If you have anything that needs to be checked in, you have 24 hours or so before I end stable_5_4. It is already too late for dev_5_5 as I have already tagged the end of its line.

If you have a copy of stable_5_4 that does not have changes that need to be committed, please be discard it and check out HEAD before you start to work!

Thanks, Rick

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