I checked the link below but there is no 5.4.19 version.. I wanted to check what needs to be done to upgrade to this version from 5.4.17 thanks,


Rick Widmer wrote:


5.4.19 - released 21-May-07

Release Notes:

We have a couple of bug fixes and a lot of new stuff that has
been laying around the tracker for quite some time, so I am
marking this release a development release.  If you can give
it a try on a non-production server, please let us know how it
works out.

Once I get a couple of bug fixes, or reports of normal
operation I'll release a stable version.


Rick WIdmer
- update to aclocal 1.9.5, automake 1.9.5, autoconf 2.59 to match my system
- Don't set LocalPort to a real port number so the default case has a chance
  to identify how vchkpw was called.
- ./configure tells status of onchange script setting
- Fix rights problem with alias commands.  -  thanks Alessio Cecchi
- Only report out of order entries when sorting files once per file
- make pop syslog ./configure setting report itself like the rest of the choices
- Make error messages more consistant (P/O checking Jonathan's bug report)

Harm van Tilborg, Quinn Comendant
- Do not allow delete of catchall address within account. [1511531]

Bill Shupp
- enable-onchange-script defaults to no.
  NOTE: Still need to supress error message if file not found.
- Fix bug in output format of list_alias
- Remove unneeded AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED from ONCHANGE_SCRIPT in configure
- Port remaining spamassassin code from 5.5 branch to stable-5_4.
- Add new --enable-maildrop option, and new NO_MAILDROP bit flag.
- New Documentation: README.maildrop, README.spamassassin
- Sample maildroprc files for both 1.x and 2.x (maildrop/*)

Fabio Busatto
- #include <stdio.h> at top of vpopmail.h

- Ldap back end reads config parms from a file at runtime. [1056529][1476647]

Stoyan Marinov (smarinov)
- add %m$t style for SQL queries format string [1236349]
- connect to mysql with a unix socket  [1437085]


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