Remo Mattei wrote:
I checked the link below but there is no 5.4.19 version.. I wanted to check what needs to be done to upgrade to this version from 5.4.17 thanks,

Try it now.  The release process seems a little different this time...

It should be just a matter of ./configure; make; make install and all the old stuff should still work, unless you use MySQL. MySQL users will have to make some structural changes to existing tables. See UPGRADE.

There are a lot of new options available:

o Support for SpamAssassin and maildrop added to vdelivermail.

o MySQL can use a socket instead of tcp/ip to connect to server.

o Extend maximum domain name length to 96 chars.

o Onchange script can be called when users or domains are added, modified or deleted.

o Numerous changes within vpopmaild.

See ChangeLog for the complete list.

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