Quoting Joshua Megerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I don't have it enabled, and I have no problems running qmail-smtpd as
vpopmail:vchkpw using tcpserver flags (-u vpopmail -g vchkpw).  Which TLS
patch set are you using?

I am using the Gentoo ebuild and I have read all the negative information reguarding the state of the ebuild but as I am new to Gentoo and qmail I thought it would be a good route for me. As such, I'm not to sure how to answer the TLS patch question.

I do believe I've ran my issue down to a permissions problem. When I run qmail-smtpd as the vpopmail user & group chkuser works but TLS does not. The opposite happens when it is ran as the qmail user. I have edited /etc/group and added qmaild to the vpopmail group and vpopmail to the qmaild group (qmail-smtpd was set to run as ${QMAILDUID} by default) but that did not fix the problem.

The issue I'm experiencing is compounded by the fact that I'm running qmail-smtpd with chkuser on port 2525 so as not to affect users on the standard port. I have been thus far unable to make logging of the second service work so I can't tell what file(s) are being permission restricted.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what file permissions I could check out, I'm all ears. Thanks again for all your help Josh.


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