Tom Collins wrote:
On Jun 24, 2007, at 2:35 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:
Selling a commercial product that includes vpopmail code is exactly what the GPL license is designed to prevent. Why should you get to sell our labor without paying us?

What if QmailAdmin had been written as a proprietary, commercial app? Would the GPL have prevented someone from doing that?

I think it would because QmailAdmin includes vpopmail code at the linker level which requires it to be under the GPL license too. Late linking with .so files is acceptable, because the product does not include GPL code, and only links to an existing copy at run time. That effect is why he wants the vpopmail library to be under LGPL, but it is not.

Vpopmail does make .so files now, but there are configuration options that change the library interface. If Bert can dictate to the customer what vpopmail ./configure options to use it should work. If various customers demand different settings he may need to compile a different version of his program for each. I don't know what options are safe to change and what will be a problem.

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