On Sunday 08 July 2007 03:32, Shaohui wrote:
> So you means I should use the original file /var/qmain/bin/qmail-local,
> right? But obviously, the original file /var/qmain/bin/qmail-local do not
> work after we install vpopmail, do you have any other solutions? And as we
> know, the installation guide in vpopmail never mention this file.
Um...  have you REALLY read all the documentation on how vpopmail interacts 
with qmail?  The domain-level .qmail-default file is used to call 
vdelivermail which then handles the rest of the delivery.  All you need to do 
is call vadddomain to create the domain and it will create the 
proper .qmail-default file for you.  Then use vadduser to add you users.

From your original message (and thread on the qmail list), it appears that you 
are trying to run vpopmail by modifying the .qmail-default file at the domain 
level to run something other than vdelivermail, which DOESN'T WORK.  I'm sure 
you could chain something in front of vdelivermail, but in order to deliver 
to vpopmil users, you MUST pass the message through vdelivermail.

I sugget you (re-)read the documentation, as well as the man pages for 
qmail-command and dot-qmail, get your system working, and then try to tackle 
your problem.  I suspect that some combination of yor script and a catchall 
account will do what you're looking for, but since I intentionally bounce all 
deliveries to non-existant users, I can't really help you with creating new 
mailboxes on the fly...

Joshua Megerman
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