If you know the path to the maildir you can use that instead like:

then the vdelivermail line

That will keep it out of the queue since qmail-local will
just drop it into the Maildir/new directory.


Jeremiah Gowdy wrote:
Yeah, I was trying to describe that unfortunately I can't use qmail's
standard forwarding system with QUEUE_EXTRA, because the forwarded message
passes through the queue, and is then duplicated again back to the log
account.  This creates an infinite loop of emails that crushes the server
pretty quickly.  I need a way to deliver the email to the box in question
without going back through qmail-queue.  I was hoping to use vdelivermail to
provide that path.

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Jeremiah Gowdy wrote:
I am using qmail with vpopmail, having qmail compiled with QUEUE_EXTRA to
log all of the received emails on my domain to a particular address.  I
to forward copies of these emails to managers for quality monitoring.  I
can't use standard qmail forward syntax ( <mailto:&[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
&[EMAIL PROTECTED]) because if I do, QUEUE_EXTRA will loop the forwarded
email back to the log address again, causing a massive email loop.  So
instead, I'm trying to use vdelivermail to push the email directly into
managers' inboxes to avoid going back through the queue.  So I have:


|/usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''

|/usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''

That's it.  I just want to pipe copies to those users.  Neither user gets
the message.  There are no messages in my qmail logs from vdelivermail.
wondering if my syntax is wrong or how I can figure out what vpopmail is
doing and why it doesn't forward the email.  Any hints / information

Try using this syntax
|/usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]

.qmail supports a standard forwarding

Ken Jones

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