Remo Mattei wrote:
here is the .qmail-devemails that you need to use copy and paste this:
make sure it's in one line
|/home/vpopmail//bin/vdelivermail '' /home/vpopmail/domains/

That would be valid contents for .qmail-default in a vpopmail domain directory. That or one of the three variations qmailadmin uses and vdelivermail supports is the ONLY thing that should EVER appear in the .qmail-default file. vdelivermail should NEVER be run from any other place.

Recent versions of vdelivermail support all the same options on .qmaial files that it executes as qmail-local, so read man dot-qmail to see the proper syntax for the files. Actually in re-reading the original message it looks like qmail-local is doing the delivery, so man dotqmail definitely applies.

Jerimiah wants something like


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