I noticed with qmailtaps, if a message matches a tap rule for the from
address, it can't match a tap rule for a to address.  So I'm trying to use
the program with a list of employees for one dept, forwarding to their
manager, and a list of employees for another dept etc.  If an employee in
one dept sends email to an employee in another department, the only manager
to get a copy is the manager of the "from" employee.  It seems that the way
the taps file would want to work in the case of matching both a from and a
to address is to send to both addresses.  Maybe this makes sense for my
usage but not others.


I changed int tapped; to instead be int fromtapped,totapped; and separated
the two if statements for from and to, to use their own version of the
tapped variable so that both of the rules are honored in the case of
intra-office email.  Not sure if this has value for anyone else, but this
works for me.


Thanks for referring me to qmailtaps.


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