Tom Collins wrote:


Please reconsider that recommendation. Perhaps some discussion on the list is in order...

Discussion is most welcome.  That's a major reason why I posted it.

With chkuser, is it possible to pull a joe-job?  The spammer connects
directly to my SMTP server, but I reject it at the SMTP level instead
of  generating a bounce that I then try to deliver to the actual target
(the forged sender of the message).

Good question.  Anyone know off the top of their head how this works.  I
guess I should, as I use chkuser too.  I'm thinking either delete or
bounce should act the same and reject non-existent users.  I know I
can't forward mail to a catchall account and still reject non-existent
users.  This topic should probably be added to the file since it does
affect how deliveries work on the server.

Comments anyone?


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