and are them readable by the user compiling courier-authlib?
Unless you are using --disable-root-check, the courier is being
compiled by another user...
Does the directory /home1/vpopmail/etc have the execution (x)
permission ? (It's needed to enter the directory)

Hope it helps,
Luciano Bolonheis

On 7/16/07, Rick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I just finished installing vpopmail, and now I'm trying to build
courier-authlib. I get the following error:

configure: error: /home1/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps does not exist -
upgrade vpopmail to the current version or fix the permissions on
this file

The files in /home1/vpopmail are all owned by vpopmail:vchkpw. They
are all at least readable by owner & group.

Any suggestions? 'Till I fix this, I'm hosed trying to get mail.


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