Hi All, 

I'm not sure things here are efficient as they could be, what times should I 
expect to run:

./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] -q xxxxxxx pass
(or even a moduser)

with 15500 users, on a dual 2.6 xeon, 2g ram, 10K rpm scsi disks in raid1,  
/home/vpopmail/domains is NFS mounted from a netapp  fas 270.

currently this takes about 14 seconds to complete, yes I know it needs to 
rebuild the CDB and this is longest part, but I'm sure this is waaaaayyyy too 
slow for what it should be still,  I really don't want to go to SQL if I can 
help it, so I am curious to times others get, as if we keep growing at the rate 
we are, by  Christmas time it will take 3 mins to add one darn user  which will 
upset our automated CRM scripts and other things, especially management :)  I'm 


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