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Thanks Tom and Joshua, the problem was solved. tom find the root cause.
an old vpopmail document misguided me, I replaced qmial-local with
vqmaillocal in vpopmail mail. that is wrong. and now it works.

I write my .qmail-default like this.
|  /home/webmail/add_qmail_user.sh "$DEFAULT" "$SENDER" "$LOCAL"
"$DEFAULT" "$RECIPIENT" && /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
before deal with a mail, script add_qmail_user.sh  will check whether
this mail account exists. if not it will create it. and then there is
no problem.

Yes, I must admit I still do not know all the details. I need to read
all the documents about vpopmail.

Thanks Tom and Joshua again, thanks all.

2007/7/8, Joshua Megerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Sunday 08 July 2007 03:32, Shaohui wrote:
> > So you means I should use the original file
> > right? But obviously, the original file /var/qmain/bin/qmail-local do
> > work after we install vpopmail, do you have any other solutions? And
as we
> > know, the installation guide in vpopmail never mention this file.
> >
> Um...  have you REALLY read all the documentation on how vpopmail
> with qmail?  The domain-level .qmail-default file is used to call
> vdelivermail which then handles the rest of the delivery.  All you need
to do
> is call vadddomain to create the domain and it will create the
> proper .qmail-default file for you.  Then use vadduser to add you users.
> From your original message (and thread on the qmail list), it appears
that you
> are trying to run vpopmail by modifying the .qmail-default file at the
> level to run something other than vdelivermail, which DOESN'T WORK.  I'm
> you could chain something in front of vdelivermail, but in order to
> to vpopmil users, you MUST pass the message through vdelivermail.
> I sugget you (re-)read the documentation, as well as the man pages for
> qmail-command and dot-qmail, get your system working, and then try to
> your problem.  I suspect that some combination of yor script and a
> account will do what you're looking for, but since I intentionally
bounce all
> deliveries to non-existant users, I can't really help you with creating
> mailboxes on the fly...
> Josh
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Best regards

Hello Shaohui,

I'm also new with qmail, and now I'm testing with my mail server.
Can you share your script add_qmail_user.sh for me ? I need it in some case
but I dont' know how to create script to call some functions of qmail. If
you share it to me, I can know how to start. Thanks so much.

Best regards

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