there is a nice option in vpopmail called learn-password .. so if users are using pop3 it will set the pass that they have set on their client and put it on the server (mysql) in this case which I like it a lot.. users will not know about it and it will set password for their current one.


Quey wrote:

I agree that mysql is now the way to go.   
I recompiled in the early hours of this morning for mysql, set up alooping perl script to randomly generate user and vadduser them , created , I had 15000 in minutes, I let it go to 90K :) added another, it instantly added, if I did that with CDB, I'd be waiting an hour I think.

I've used vconvert to move the live domain into mysql and after 12 hours, all is good, no impact noticed on concurrent auth requests, thats the only thing I am now worried about, don't want to setup extra hardware and sql if i can avoid it,  I might look for a pop3 stress tester later tonight..

(Rick, it's a webmail client, which is also why I am being naughty and top posting <G> because it screws things up sometimes, but not always which has puzzled me)





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