Hi there,

i'm interested in using the library to write a small app that would add an IP to the relay list (open-smtp or tcp.smtp.cdb).

The docs are a bit sparse on this.  Idid find:

int vauth_addomain( char *domain)
domain = domain name to add to authentication system

But I cannot find any mention of the function in any of the sources in 5.4.13, nor the library.

# strings ~vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a | grep vauth_addomain
Doing a grep on the sources, I'm looking at

cdb/cdbmake_add.c : int cdbmake_add(cdbm,h,p,alloc)
cdb/cdbmake_add.c : int cdbmake_split(cdbm,alloc)

Various functions in vauth.c and possibly vcdb.c

int vadd_ip_map( char *ip, char *domain) or
int vauth_adduser_line(FILE *, char *, char *, char *, char *, char *, int);

Anyone have any more insight? I simply want to be able to add an IP to tcp.smtp.cdb for imap-before-smtp for an imap server that doesn't have that functionality for vpopmail but has functionality to execute a program after a successful login.


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