Ismail YENIGUL wrote:
Hi Darek,

Did you check  open_smtp_relay() function in vpopmail.c

If you use this function also you can also remove the IP address of
the user from the tcp.smtp.cdb after a certain time-period (timeout) by 
modifying the
tcp.smtp files (tcp.smtp, open-smtp, tcp.smtp.cdb etc) in clearopensmtp.c

/* This function is used to grab the user's ip address
 * and add it to the ip's that are allowed to relay mail
 * through this server.
 * For mysql backend, the ip is added to the relay table
 * For cdb backend, the ip is added to the ~vpopmail/etc/open-smtp file
 * Then the update_rules() function is called which
 * combines the tcp.smtp rules with the relay-table/open-smtp rules
 * to build a new tcp.smtp.cdb file for tcpserver to use
 * This function is called after a successful pop-auth by vchkpw,
 * (assuming that roaming users are enabled)
int open_smtp_relay()

Thanks for the tip. Looks like it might be workable, though it uses TCPREMOTEIP from the environment, and I don't know much about the inner workings of tcpserver, so I'll probably have to cut the function out and rewrite it to accept the IP as the argument.


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