Ismail YENIGUL wrote:
Hi Darek,

I think this can be small but nice add-on software for qmail+vpopmail
systems. Which IMAP server are you using?
Also can you tell me how do you configure the IMAP to run a command
after log-in successfully.

I'm evaluating Dovecot, over Courier. It already showed great speed increases on a system where imap-before-auth isn't used.

There is a config option "mail_executable" which lets you execute a command after someone successfully authenticates, then it runs the main imap program.

I tested with this bit of shell

echo ${IP} >> /var/log/messages
exec "$@"

and only got my IP in messages if I logged in successfully. So all I need now is that program to update the relaying table. I'll first try to figure it out with shell/perl scripting working on open-smtp and tcp.smtp.cdb, as it will be quicker.

And it looks like the vpopmail source simply appends a client's IP and other info to open-smtp, and creates tcp.smtp.cdb, and since I'm not much of a C programmer, I'll try a script first.

In the mean time, are you NYI employee?
I am core team member of enderunix software development team in
Turkey. Our web server is provided by NYI (thanks to NYI) and we put
NYI banner on our site as a result of NYI hospitality

It is a small interweb, isn't it? :P Yes, I work at NYI. I've also had used your Isoqlog log analyzer in the past, so thank you for that.

- Darek

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