Jonathan wrote:

I recently upgraded my server hardware and upgraded vpopmail as well, and decided to use mysql instead of cdb which my current system uses. I read in README.MySQL that it's possible to convert cdb to mysql using the vconvert program.

I copied one of the old domains to the new vpopmail root and ran "vconvert -c -m", and I got this:

    converting Failed vget_assign for
    domain conversion failed

Any idea what it means? I'd like to be able to put all my old domains in the new root and just convert them all in one go

Do you have the qmail configuration files /var/qmail/control/* and /var/qmail/users/* available for vconvert to read?

vget_assign is looking for /var/qmail/users/assign (actually its cdb file). Still I would expect problems if it can't see the entire qmail configuraion since vpopmail manages that file and some of the files in /var/qmail/control.


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