We are running the following


Vpopmail is setup to use MySQL with valias table created.

We can create users directly in MySQL and everything works great the users
pw_dir field is populated and the actual mailbox dir is created when the
user logs in for the first time or receives their first email.

We can create aliases in the valias table "alias, domain, valias_line"
that point to an existing users email box, as well as single forwards (no
box on system)

Example Alias - record
alias - joe, domain - mydomain.com, valias_line - &[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Example Forward - record
alias - bill, domain - mydomain.com, valias_line - &[EMAIL PROTECTED]

What we would like to be able to do is take the remaining features in
qmailadmin and push them to MySQL as well by getting rid of .qmail files
in the users mail dir.

Copy and Forward - example .qmail

Vacation Message - example .qmail
| /usr/local/bin/autorespond 86400 3

Robot - example .qmail
|/usr/local/bin/autorespond 10000 5

With the Vacation Message and Robot we would like to have the contents of
the directory stored in MySQL as well.

The ultimate goal is to allow for a custom web frontend that can be
incorporated into what ever web email client we run.

I have see the file dotqmail2valias but from what I can tell it makes
changes for alias and forwards only not anything above. Has anyone looked
at this before or been able to get it to work?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


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