i hope this is the correct mailinglist for the question and perhaps
someone can help.

I´m  using qmail, vpopmail under NetBSD.
The logfile smtpd/current shows these messages for mails that are
delivered to an adress which will be forwarded with an dot-qmail file:

@4000000046ad060a2ee9c5f4 tcpserver: pid 24710 from
@4000000046ad060a2eeb2d54 tcpserver: ok 24710 0:213.221.xxx.xx:25 
@4000000046ad060b1956e67c unable to stat 
/usr/daten/vpopmaildomains/domains/xxx.de/.qmail-testrc: access denied
@4000000046ad060b1b978b94 tcpserver: end 24710 status 0

Where do the line .. "unable to stat ..." mean?

It seems the .qmail-xxx files are evaluated and the mails
is delivered correctly.

The permissons are the same as on our  other systems.

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