Rick Widmer wrote:

John Simpson wrote:

the first thing i noticed about "vconvert" is that, unless i'm missing something, the quota information is not even touched when reading from mysql, or when writing the vpasswd file.

Have you tried it yet? I haven't used vconvert, but I believe the user's quota lives in pw_shell and it is already copied by vconvert.

It sure is copied over and into pw_shell, its converted into bytes with an "S" after it

how is this information available through the vpopmail API?

struct vqpasswd *pw;

pw = vauth_getall( domain, 1, 1 );
while( pw != NULL ) {
   printf( "User: %s Quota: %d\n", pw->name, pw_shell );
   pw = vauth_getall( domain, 0, 1 );

The names are based on the password file that vpasswd is modeled after. It's not what I would have picked...


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