On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 05:11 -0700, Bert JW Regeer wrote:
> On Aug 14, 2007, at 11:08 PM, Tom Collins wrote:
> > OK, so it's off-topic, but can anyone recommend an FTP server or  
> > web-based file manager that I can deploy on my hosting server that  
> > either integrates with vpopmail (like maybe Pure-FTPd) and has a  
> > nice interface for managing accounts?  I only have two IPs for my  
> > server, so multiple clients would share the same FTP server.  I'm  
> > considering having usernames that include domain names for logging  
> > in, and thought that QmailAdmin might be a good interface for  
> > managing the FTP accounts.  Web may be a better way to go, because  
> > FTP is already in use by clients for managing their web content.   
> > If I use Pure-FTPd or vsftpd, it will need to be configured for  
> > both system users and virtual users.
> >
> > A well-designed, web-based file manager would be a great  
> > replacement for FTP.  A search on SourceForge didn't turn up many  
> > promising leads.  Lots of stuff that hasn't been maintained since  
> > 2004, or has less than 1000 downloads.
> >
> > Any recommendations?
> >
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> > Tom Collins  -  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > Vpopmail - virtual domains for qmail: http://vpopmail.sf.net/
> > QmailAdmin - web interface for Vpopmail: http://qmailadmin.sf.net/
> For Pure-FTPD you can write your own authentication "plugin" and use  
> it, so you could write it to auth against vpopmail.
> http://linux.die.net/man/8/pure-authd

I believe someone already did.  I was chatting with Claus here:

About using Horde vacation with vpopmail, and at one point he posted a
link to his pureftp config that used vpopmail auth properly. Where mine
just used MySQL, and didn't account for a table-per-domain, his would
work for any situation.   I can't seem to find that post in the thread,
nor is it in the Horde Wiki :( ....

But I don't think Claus would mind getting an email....


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