Have you looked at webmin/usermin?  Aside from that, you start looking at 
blackbox solutions like CPanel.



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OK, so it's off-topic, but can anyone recommend an FTP server or web-based file 
manager that I can deploy on my hosting server that either integrates with 
vpopmail (like maybe Pure-FTPd) and has a nice interface for managing accounts? 
 I only have two IPs for my server, so multiple clients would share the same 
FTP server.  I'm considering having usernames that include domain names for 
logging in, and thought that QmailAdmin might be a good interface for managing 
the FTP accounts.  Web may be a better way to go, because FTP is already in use 
by clients for managing their web content.  If I use Pure-FTPd or vsftpd, it 
will need to be configured for both system users and virtual users.

A well-designed, web-based file manager would be a great replacement for FTP.  
A search on SourceForge didn't turn up many promising leads.  Lots of stuff 
that hasn't been maintained since 2004, or has less than 1000 downloads.

Any recommendations?

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