Remo Mattei wrote:
> I will add that on my list give it a try..
> Thanks Rick..
> Remo
> Rick Macdougall wrote:
>> Trey Nolen wrote:
>> is a fine one and you can rsync the data and run a
>> local copy for improved performance.
>> Regards,
>> Rick
>> !DSPAM:46c37534321933360265985!

spamhaus seems to be working fine for me on two machines that handle
about 20,000 messages per day each.  The fact that I check spamhaus last
in my list may have something to do with why it still works for me
considering someone's comment that only "high volume" servers were being
blocked, whatever "high volume" means.

I have found that the following list of RBL's works extremely well and
use them all in this order on both of those machines:


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