On Thursday 06 September 2007 15:48:56 Joshua Megerman wrote:
> > Also if i open the same .qmail vith vim i see [DOS] for encoding.
> Actually, looking at the code, he's right - the line in question is in
> vpopmaild.c, line 1002:
>     if ((alias_line=strtok(NULL, "\n"))==NULL) {
> The strtok tokenizes after the '\n' (<LF>), leaving the '\r' (<CR>) as the
> last character of the alias_line, which would have the exact effect he's
> seeing.  Looks like the same bug exists on line 1051 as well (identical
> code block in remove_alias).  Every other instance of strtok() uses one of
> two defines for the token list - TOKENS or PASS_TOKENS, these are the only
> two strtok() calls using an explicit token list.  Patch is attached.

Thank you Joshua,

with this patch now add_alias from telnet works!

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